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Eric Fulkerson

Director of Facilities, Medxcel

“I have been working with Capital Electric for over eight years. We have partnered on projects ranging from simple receptacle installations to multi-million dollar projects. Capital Electric is reliable and professional. They have always been quick to respond to our needs. I greatly appreciate the level of service that we receive.“


David Rinaldi

Senior Electrical Engineer, Winchester Industrial Controls

“I’ve had the pleasure of hiring and working with Capital Electric on projects for the TJ MAXX Distribution Center in Evansville, IN for the last 20 years, partnering with them on projects, installations and support.

Over the course of these 20 years we have had small wiring projects to massive conveyor systems with 100’s of motors and devices. Capital Electric have always displayed, safe and professional teamwork toward achieving the end goal completing a project within the time constraints of a schedule, sometimes working around the clock to finish.

When we weren’t working on projects, there was a challenge of supporting the TJX facility. Capital Electric Electricians and I would spend many late nights on the phone, diagnosing and troubleshooting systems, to get them back on line as soon as possible. They always came through in fixing an issue quickly and getting them up and running.

Capital Electric is experienced and well-versed in a variety of systems all of which we worked on together. Their staff of Electricians are a great team to work with and I highly recommend Capital Electric for all your electrical service needs.“


Derrick Dooms

President, Preferred Safety

“Preferred Safety, LLC has helped manage Capital Electric, Inc.’s safety program since 2013, which includes safety training, jobsite audits, safety meetings, safety programs and more. CEI holds safety as a CORE VALUE of the company and strives for continuous proactive safety improvement. They are committed to ensuring the safety of their employees and that is reflected by their industry leading safety rates and EMR numbers. Over the past 8 years CEI has not had a single lost time work incident. To achieve these types of milestones a company must have full commitment regarding safety from upper management, front line supervisors, and its employees. CEI fosters a culture where everyone is truly invested in their safety and those that work around them. They put safety ahead of production and it shows. It has been fun watching CEI grow and maintain its safety culture over the last several years. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for their company and safety program.“


Kim Davis

Project Manager, Turner Construction Company

“Turner Construction had the privilege of working with Capital Electric on a multi-year, complete emergency power upgrade project for the Ascension St. Vincent Evansville hospital. The hospital remained fully operational during the entire project, while miles of conduit and wire were ran throughout the hospital and hundreds of shutdowns were coordinated and executed. The project completed with over 170,000 hours worked without an injury. CEI’s commitment to safety and their alignment with Turner’s safety program was paramount to the success of this project. The commitment was visible from the apprentice in the field all the way thru the organization to the company’s leadership.

CEI’s team was safe, thorough, organized, forward-thinking, well-trained and truly experts in their field. Challenges certainly arose on the project and each time they were met with an ‘all hands on deck’ approach from CEI and an willingness to collaborate as a team to figure it out. Safety and quality were always put first. The project scope itself was challenging and memorable, but more rewarding is the partnership that was built with CEI and having the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. We look forward to working with CEI again in the future.“