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Safety is a top priority for Capital Electric. We use a third party safety company that performs site inspections and yearly training for all of our employees. We have a employee safety manual, quality control plan and a COVID-19 procedure plan. All of our employees have OSHA 10, CPR, First aid, arch flash and lift training. This training has made the work environment safer for our employees. We have a EMR (Experience Modification Rating) of .64 and have completed 100,000+ safe work hours on a major power project.


Preferred Safety, LLC has helped manage Capital Electric, Inc.’s safety program since 2013, which includes safety training, jobsite audits, safety meetings, safety programs and more. CEI holds safety as a CORE VALUE of the company and strives for continuous proactive safety improvement. They are committed to ensuring the safety of their employees and that is reflected by their industry leading safety rates and EMR numbers. Over the past 8 years CEI has not had a single lost time work incident.

To achieve these types of milestones a company must have full commitment regarding safety from upper management, front line supervisors, and its employees. CEI fosters a culture where everyone is truly invested in their safety and those that work around them. They put safety ahead of production and it shows. It has been fun watching CEI grow and maintain its safety culture over the last several years. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for their company and safety program.